The GREENTH line (by Schüco Technology) comes from the need to combine both the ability to customize to 100% your project to bring light inside your house, and the guarantee of excellent technical performance and quality that lasts. The GREENTH solutions become an integral part of the style you choose for your house. An important element of design that reflects to the best the needs of contemporary architecture, willing to achieve excellence, avoiding any risk thanks to the properties of aluminum, to the technology underpinning each project and to the technical team decades of experience that will design every

detail. At the root of all GREENTH products there is, in fact, the reliability of the Schüco technology, a world leader in the field of aluminum systems, which provides top-level performance of thermal and acoustic insulation and the certainty of solutions to the highest quality made to last over time. The advantage of being able to adapt this technology to customized projects enables to turn into reality any of these designed to give more space to the light and live your house in all seasons, creating a direct connection with the natural sourranding environment each time you desire.

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